This category is open to Australian based recruitment, employment, specialist organisations, not-for-profit and ex-service organisations who work to support veteran employment and/or assist veterans to prepare for and find employment.


Nomination criteria

1. Demonstrated excellence in supporting veteran employment.

Examples could include:

  • implementation of a new program or initiative to support veteran employment
  • training programs for employees to ensure they understand the ADF experience and how ADF experience and skills translate into the civilian workplace
  • establishment of individual and/or group training programs to assist veterans in getting job ready and in understanding the typical civilian workplace environment including processes, structures, reporting lines etc.
  • resources to assist veterans to understanding how their individual ADF skills translate into civilian terms
  • veteran-specific resources or training programs for employers/organisations to assist them in the recruitment, onboarding and retention of veterans, including helping them understand the ADF experience, ADF to civilian skills translators, ADF to civilian language translators
  • number of veterans placed into employment, the percentage of those still working and average length of employment since commencement
  • establishment of employer networks to identify/source employment opportunities, internships and or work placements for veterans
  • promoting the benefits of employing veterans and educating employers/organisations about the ADF experience
  • veteran feedback used to shape services and support provided to veterans.

2. Evidence of veteran satisfaction with service.

Evidence could include:

  • copies/excerpts of feedback from veterans relating to their job placement(s), alignment of employment opportunities with their ADF skills, aspirations and interests and overall services and support provided to them
  • new clients attracted as a result of recommendations from other satisfied veterans
  • nomination or receipt of a commendation or award in recognition of services provided to veterans.


Please review our terms and conditions before nominating for an award.

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