Being an ex can be a good thing. Explore how ex-service people can be assets in your organisation.

Ex-service people are experienced and ready to join your organisation, learn how and where to connect with the veteran talent pool. Find advice to help you create a workplace where veterans perform at their best. You can also demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to employing veterans by signing the Veteran Employment Commitment

Read the below case studies about ex-service people excelling in the civilian workforce and see our Case Studies and Translated Campaign Resources pages for more stories available in multiple languages.

Text: Case study - Realise your full potential - Peter Sanderson, 37, Caterpillar Technology Application Specialist - with a photo of a bearded man in high vis and a hard hat

Text: Case Study: Unlock a brighter future - Sam Green, Chef, 30 with a photo of a woman in chef's whites

black text on teal background: Ex-service people: a great benefit to your team

infographic of ex-service people's skillsblack text on pale blue background: Did you know? More than 6,500 Australians leave active service to join civilian life each year. with picture of people in boardroom

Veteran Employment Campaign - Accountable Authority Certification

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