Support for Employment

If you are unemployed or underemployed, need assistance to change careers, or want support to adjust to the civilian workplace, you may be able to access additional support under the Department of Veterans' Affairs Support for Employment program. 

You must:

  • have transitioned from the permanent ADF for a period of 12 months but not greater than five years, based on your transition date within PMKeyS; and
  • not currently be accessing support through DVA rehabilitation services.

If you meet these criteria you can access up to 10 hours of one-to-one service support for pre-employment assistance, post-employment assistance or a combination of both. You may only apply for this support once. 

Pre-employment assistance may include help with:

  • developing/reviewing civilian career goals
  • personality profiling 
  • job search skills - including skills translation
  • personal branding and marketing
  • interview skills
  • negotiation skills
  • support to adjust to the civilian workplace
  • competency and capability mapping
  • workplace communication
  • support to break out of long term unemployment.

Post-employment assistance may include help with:

  • navigating civilian workplace issues
  • job advancement and career advice

To apply for Support for Employment just go to your MyService page and click the Services and Benefits tile.

From there you will be taken to the Claims and Applications page. 

If you are eligible for Support for Employment you will be able to apply through the tile that appears on this page. 

If there is no tile on your page you are not eligible for Support for Employment.

If you don't have a MyService record contact 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) to apply for Support for Employment. 

For more information on eligibility and the services provided email

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