Being an ex can be a good thing. Explore how ex-service people can be assets in your organisation.

Ex-service people are experienced and ready to join your organisation, learn how and where to connect with the veteran talent pool. Find advice to help you create a workplace where veterans perform at their best. You can also demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to employing veterans by signing the Veteran Employment Commitment

Read the below case studies to learn more about ex-service people excelling in the civilian workforce.

Text: Case study - Realise your full potential - Peter Sanderson, 37, Caterpillar Technology Application Specialist - with a photo of a bearded man in high vis and a hard hat

Text: Case Study: Unlock a brighter future - Sam Green, Chef, 30 with a photo of a woman in chef's whites

black text on teal background: Ex-service people: a great benefit to your team

infographic of ex-service people's skillsblack text on pale blue background: Did you know? More than 6,500 Australians leave active service to join civilian life each year. with picture of people in boardroom

Veteran Employment Campaign - Accountable Authority Certification

To view the Accountable Authority (Chief Executive) Certification for Government Advertising Campaign for the Veteran Employment Campaign, please click here.

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