12 October 2023

Meet Rosie, the exceptional psychiatric assistance dog, as she embarks on a flight from Canberra with Angie Weeks and the winner of the 2023 Partner Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Angie and her husband Roger are the driving force behind PTSD Dogs Australia, who place support dogs with first responders and veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  A hero in her own right, Rosie, who is Roger’s psychiatric assistance dog, embodies the profound connection between humans and their service animals.

Trained by Angie and her team, Rosie - and others like her - offer vital support to veterans facing PTSD and other related challenges.

Angie’s dedication to assisting veterans and first responders was recognised by the Prime Minister’s National Veterans’ Employment Awards.

Rosie’s attendance at the Awards was also an opportunity to highlight the challenges of traveling with an assistance dog. As a vital member of the family, an assistance dog must be with their handler at all times to do their job. The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 enables certified assistance dogs to travel on public transport, including airlines, with their handler.

Rosie gave a glowing review of the treatment she received on her flights, and she was even invited into the cockpit to pass on her thanks to the pilots.

Rosie the Service Dog with in the cockpit of an plane with the pilots
Rosie the Service Dog with Roger and a flight crew member on an aeroplane


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