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• Apply effective & ethical leadership across the organisation & in support of organisational direction

• Provide expert advice to the CEO & executive management to ensure staff are best prepared for organisational roles, including career management & tasks

• Use advanced communication skills within an executive team & the organisation

• Develop & lead specialist education in the organisation

• Analyse workplace development needs & provide advice to the executive for the ongoing development of all staff & teams

• Support & mentor senior supervisory & management staff

• Promote & ensure organisational tasks are executed lawfully, morally& ethically

• Ensure safety & equity standards are maintained across the organisation

• Prioritise & administer the strategic management of logistics & resources

• Monitor & oversee the organisation’s security & activities in complex & demanding environments

• Oversee & supervise the use of organisational, social & recreational resources to enhance deep-rooted professionalism & positive spirit in the workplace


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