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• Apply effective & ethical executive leadership & strategic management within a complex organisation

• Ensure organisational compliance with national & international legal obligations

• Lead organisational strategic initiatives & reform

• Assist with development of executive support teams & functions

• Consult & advise the executive on strategic workforce capability, workforce training & education needs, & future requirements

• Mentor executive & supporting staff

• Develop major goals to support organisational objectives

• Advise the executive on matters & issues affecting the organisation

• Employ highly advanced communication skills across the organisation & when representing the organisation

• Exercise due care & diligence of governance responsibilities, including equity & safety, across the organisation

• Analyse, determine & report to the executive on current & future resource requirements to meet organisational goals & objectives

• Oversee performance management & reporting of organisational staff, recruitment & contractor engagement

• Analyse & facilitate organisational requirements for security, welfare & wellbeing of staff & organisational activities/business within complex, difficult & challenging work environments

• Act as organisational executive representative in meetings, strategic planning or high-profile engagements


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