This category is open to veteran employees who have been working for a minimum of two years in an organisation. Nominations for veteran employees can be made by the employing organisation. Self-nominations must be endorsed by the veterans' employer.

To be eligible the veteran employee must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and have served at least 1 day full time service in the ADF.


Nomination Criteria

1. Achievements within the organisation, including how the nominee’s ADF skills are valued and utilised.

Examples could include, how the veteran:

  • mentored and/or recruited to improve veteran recruitment within the organisation
  • introduced innovative or better ways to do business
  • displayed high levels of leadership, management or client service
  • positively impacted organisational culture or outcomes
  • met or exceeded targets.

2. Supporting evidence from clients, colleagues, the nominee’s supervisor, management or board of their contribution.

Examples could include:

  • feedback received about the veteran
  • recognition of contribution or commendation by the organisation’s board/senior management
  • nomination or receipt of an organisational award.


Please review our terms and conditions before nominating for an award.

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