This category is open to veterans who own a business (either solely or jointly) and have operated this business for at least 12 months.  Nominations can be made by an individual (including self-nominations) or organisation.

To be eligible the veteran entrepreneur must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and have served at least 1 day full time service in the ADF.


Nomination Criteria

1. What does the nominees business do and why did they start/buy their own business?

Examples could include:

  • gap or niche in services/products
  • change or improve the way existing services/products are delivered
  • address a veteran-related issue or other, social, health or community problem
  • work in a job, industry or business of their choice.

2. What has it taken for the nominee to build a successful business and what sets it apart from its competitors?

Examples could include:

  • establishing a strong business brand
  • adapting services/products and/or delivery methods to meet changing customer needs, changes in industry and technology and/or to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • responding to increases or changes to industry/business regulations
  • providing quality customer service
  • building and maintaining strong relationships with like-minded business partners/associates
  • hiring and retaining skilled and capable employees and engaging and empowering them in business decisions and operations
  • having a clear vision of the purpose and future direction of the business, and ensuring this is effectively communicated, understood and shared by employees
  • investing in innovation to build new products or services
  • investing in training and development programs for employees to improve their skills and capabilities and health and wellbeing
  • establishing an effective and reputable online presence
  • regularly reviewing risks and developing contingency plans
  • balancing the short term and long term objectives of the business
  • using their ADF skills to overcome obstacles in order to build a successful business
  • managing work-life balance.

3. What are the business’ key achievements?

Examples could include:

  • improved/increased customer satisfaction/outcomes
  • increased profitability/profit margins
  • increased demand for products/services
  • building a credible and reputable business identity
  • introduction of new HR policies, programs or resources resulting in improved employee satisfaction and retention
  • introduction of employee training or development programs to increase employee skills and capabilities
  • establishment of new beneficial business partnerships or collaborations
  • design/delivery of new products/services
  • outsourcing certain products/services to improve growth opportunities/free up cash flow
  • maintaining business growth and customer supply and demand in the face of changing markets/new competitors
  • improved employment opportunities for other veterans
  • supporting veteran employees
  • receipt of industry/business award/s.

4. What are the nominee’s future plans and vision for their business?


Please review our terms and conditions before nominating for an award.



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