Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Medium

AeroPM is a 100 per cent Australian veteran-owned and operated Defence Industry professional consulting services company, with veterans comprising over 90 per cent of the workforce. Its mission is to successfully transition veterans from Defence into Defence Industry, retain their knowledge, passion and dedication within the Defence community, and upskill these veterans into industry leading consultants to support acquisition of Defence capability.

AeroPM's human resource strategies have been designed by veterans, and are cognisant of the needs of transitioning veterans. Support mechanisms, strong networks and mentoring throughout the transition process have been implemented, which extends post-transition and throughout the employees’ tenure at AeroPM.

A veteran’s skillset is valued at AeroPM and AeroPM ask veterans to present their Defence CV on engagement without civilian translation. The company has found most veterans have difficulty translating operations, planning, time management, discipline, leadership, delivery, communication and administration skills into civilian terminology. A mentor is assigned on employment to facilitate the translation of the Defence CV and shapes the veterans’ personal brand and value proposition that best reflects their capabilities.

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