Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Small

Australian Expedition Vehicles (AEV) is a veteran owned organisation, who design, build and deliver specialised military and civilian off-roads vehicles and provide vehicle engineering, modification and maintenance support services. Veterans comprise approximately 50% of the AEV workforce.

AEV has a strong focus on providing employment opportunities to veterans experiencing difficulties, with particular consideration for veterans with physical and mental health needs. Their veteran employees cross over a broad age group recently employing a 50 year old veteran as an apprentice.

AEV understands the needs of veterans and the value they offer. “Veterans need to be able to be part of a group that’s like minded people and bring with them the ability to plan and work through solutions and problems in a methodical way”.

AEV’s operating model is very structured, this aligns well with the military mindset of veterans. AEV has a tailored approach to the placement of transitioning veterans into a ‘best fit’ position, acknowledging and working around their specific needs. This approach provides for an alignment between the individual veteran’s needs and skillset against the expectations of the role. When these tailored approaches do not align, opportunities for upskilling are provided to the veteran and/or modifications to the role are made.

AEV is commitment to employing veterans with medical issues and supporting them within the boundaries of their rehabilitation.

They encourage veteran participation in commemorative activities, showing their commitment and appreciation of their veteran employees.

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