Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Medium

AVI is a global provider of devices which connect things and people on the move. From aircraft to heavy machinery, defence force personnel to robotic manufacturing systems - AVI routers, switches and systems provide fail safe data networks, leading the way in the age of the Internet of Things.

Employing veterans is key to AVI’s current success and future growth. The global defence industry is a major client segment for AVI and it has first-hand experience in seeing the qualities, values and reliability that veterans offer. AVI is proud of its current 13% veteran staff ratio and believes its active strategies to recruit, support, train, mentor and retain veterans is key to this.

AVI veteran employees are given ownership of defence related projects. As a logical transition from user to producer, veterans understand the needs of defence, care deeply about providing the best possible products and gain a sense of pride through their continued support of serving personnel.

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