Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Large

BAE Systems Australia is a major defence and security company with operations across Australia. They demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting veteran employment with an Australian workforce comprising of over 500 veterans. Its executive leadership group is led by Gabby Costigan, a veteran of the Australian Army and comprises members from the international veteran community.

BAE Systems have a specific veteran employment and retention focus, supported by the establishment of an online mechanism for their veteran employees and family members of serving Australian Defence Force to self-identify their ties to the military. They have invested in dedicated resources in their HR department to focus on the recruitment of veterans and their families, specifically aiding every veteran applicant to translate their military background, experience and skills into a language which can be readily understood by hiring managers. Unsuccessful veteran applicants are all provided with detailed feedback and guidance to explore alternate employment opportunities.

More recently BAE Systems have established a program of extended trial placements for serving Australian Defence Force members, providing them with an opportunity to experience the civilian workforce. They are also developing and introducing a veteran mentoring program, to support their veteran employees. Veterans who still wish to serve in a reservist capacity are provided access to paid ‘special leave’ allowing them to perform reserve duties when needed.

BAE have also established a Veteran Advisory Committee with diverse veteran employee membership to explore and develop areas of support and interest to veterans. One of their first initiatives was the creation of an internal webpage for veteran related news and resources.

BAE Systems are a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner, and partner with Right Management who provide transition services to the ADF, a further demonstration of their commitment to support the health, wellbeing and employment of veterans.

BAE Systems acknowledge the importance of reservist and commemorative activities, showing their commitment and appreciation of veteran employees.

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