Veteran Employee of the Year

Ben Davoren was medically discharged from the Army in 2014, after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental ill-health due to his service as a combat medic in Afghanistan. In the absence of a clear direction on discharge, Ben completed a diploma in massage therapy. He commenced working as a massage therapist in a local gym only to realise he was not interested in massage therapy as a long term career. His friendship with the founder of TacMed Australia provided him with an opportunity to get back into tactical medicine.

Entering the field of tactical medicine required a significant leap of faith from Ben, particularly given the effects of PTSD on his life. Since joining TacMed Australia in 2015 as a foundation member of the team, Ben has progressed from a specialist training officer to a business development role, requiring him to work and collaborate with people whose focus is to innovate to save lives.

Ben has used both his positive and negative personal experience in the military and sees it as a gift which provides him with the insights and real life experience to help others in the veteran community experiencing similar issues. Ben has also extended this commitment to support first responders dealing with mental health concerns due to exposure to trauma.

Ben has been able to turn around a significant negative life changing experience into a positive outcome.

Ben has recently been granted a scholarship to undertake a Master of Business Administration. He is a founding and past board member of the Australian Tactical Medical Association, a professional body dedicated to continually improving and providing the highest level of first aid and medical care in severe, dangerous, remote and dynamic environments.

Ben is a great example of a veteran whose transition journey, whilst very rocky, has been successful.

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