Outstanding Employer of the Year

Bluerydge is an Australian veteran-owned and operated firm specialising in providing cyber security and technology services within Government and Defence.

Of its 25 employees, 18 are veterans and the company has a 100% retention rate for its veteran employees.

Through the Veteran Pathway Program, Bluerydge provides dedicated support to those looking at entering the cyber security industry, including support for individuals to fill gaps in their experience.

As part of this program, Bluerydge engages with veterans early on in their transition and works personally with individuals to assist them in translating their ADF skills and experience into job skills, as well as creating action plans to address potential gaps that may hinder their chances of employment.

Beyond the employment of veterans, Bluerydge actively supports further training with 60% of its veteran work force undertaking or completing post-graduate studies at university.

Bluerydge also supports veterans with their wellbeing, offering paid mental health days, subsidised gym memberships and providing flexible working arrangements to help staff maintain a work-life balance.

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