Excellence in Supporting Veteran and/or Partner Employment
Brisbane Motorway Services  team photo

Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) provides Traffic Incident Management Services for over 400,000 vehicles passages per day along some of Brisbane's major motorways.

BMS intentionally recruits low-risk profile PTSD sufferers with a view to help them transition to a civilian workforce, and has achieved a 90% retention rate from this target group. To support these staff members BMS have educated their workforce to pick up on early warning signs and trigger points to assist those living with PTSD.

By establishing organisational links between its business and Queensland Police and Queensland Fire and Emergency, BMS act as the first step for veterans wishing to explore a career in emergency services.

Many of its employees have come from peer referrals, proving the strength and value of veteran networks for employers. 

One such employee that came from a peer referral had this to say about their time working with BMS – “I was recruited to BMS via a referral from another veteran. The smooth transition that BMS has provided me from military to civilian life has been second to none. They valued my skills set and acknowledged the potential contributions I can offer. They provided me with a confidence building measure that now allows me to feel part of the wider community. I cannot thank them enough for placing their trust in me.”

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