Veteran Employee of the Year
Image of Chris Gray

Chris served in the ADF for 17 years and in the Reserves for another 10 years, where he managed construction projects and provided humanitarian aid throughout Australia and on overseas deployments.

Initially using his surveying qualifications to gain employment in the civilian workforce, Chris joined Vasey RSL Care in 2016 in a project role. Here he managed renovations across their aged care homes and ex-service accommodation, with many of those affected by renovations having direct connections to service. In 2021 he was promoted to General Manager of Veteran Services.

Around 65% of Vasey RSL Care’s aged care residents are veterans or war widows, alongside having 300 ex-service accommodation units for veterans and their families. With Chris’ military background, he is able to make immediate connections with all those in their care community.

Chris was drawn to Vasey RSL Care as it benefited veterans and the wider community. He is still as keen as ever to assist other veterans navigate their transition, gain civilian employment and find their purpose.

Through his connections to the ex-service community, Chris was a great support for residents of the ex-service accommodation during the pandemic, and continues to support veterans at risk, including through his work at Vasey RSL Care where he is the project lead of their ‘V Centre’ for veterans experiencing homelessness.

In the words of RSL Care’s General Manager, Aged Care Service – “In response to feedback on how well he has responded to the constantly changing pandemic requirements, Chris recently commented, "That's what 27 years in the services prepares you for". His training has given him an 'edge' in that if he sees something needing doing, he does it; he communicates well with others; he is well organised; he gets things done.”

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