Veteran Employee of the Year
Conan King

Conan King spent 19 years across various positions in the Australian Army. He first started his ADF transition journey in 2014. Living in regional Queensland at the time, Conan took long service leave from the Army to make the move into the civilian workforce, however struggled to land on his feet and returned to the military for another four years.

In 2019 he was medically discharged. Conan was familiar with the pitfalls of transition and proactively engaged with veteran support services to assist him with his transition and his search for employment, ultimately securing a position at Brisbane Motorway Services.

The skills Conan acquired in the ADF prepared him well for his position as a Motorway Response Officer, a first responder to traffic incidents that occur along high speed, high risk, and open road environments. Conan applies his ADF skills and experience providing decisive, responsive critical incident management, firefighting, first aid and roadside assistance that ensures lifesaving practices. “Conan’s actions that night whilst on scene and waiting for emergency services to arrive, literally saved my brother’s life” Amy Patterson, Road User.

Conan leads a mix of 26 veteran and civilian staff, and shares his knowledge and experience to guide them in understanding the procedures, processes and legislation which applies to their work. Conan is an advocate for veteran employment at Brisbane Motorway Services – a business that provides veterans with a range of career options enabling them to utilise the skills, knowledge and experience gained in the ADF.

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