Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year
Image of David Ballantyne & Chris Moss

BMCorp founders David and Chris have 30 years of experience in the Australian Army between them, and had a shared vision to take the best of military logistics and technology and apply it in the civilian world to change service delivery for every day Australians.

This came in the form of professional residential and commercial facility management services, using a model similar what was used in their military deployments. The result is an organisation that coordinates the scheduling of thousands of indoor and outdoor services through over 800 service providers, known as ‘HomeFront Australia’ – a subsidiary of BMCorp.

Alongside HomeFront Australia, David and Chris also founded FrontLine Australia which provides services to residential and commercial clients.

Their organisation has grown from 10 employees across BMCorp to 44 in the last 12 months, and has included the hiring of veterans and partners of serving personnel.

With over half their workforce having previous defence experience, David and Chris know how valuable veterans can be – they make the best planners, leaders, logistics specialists and cope with the changing environment that HomeFront works within.

Through their work, HomeFront supports the veteran community and is a recognised provider of DVA’s household services, which supports veterans to stay in their homes for longer.

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