Partner Employee of the Year
Picture of Amy Johnson

Dr Amy Johnson is a military families’ sociologist in the Cluster for Resilience and Wellbeing at the Appleton Institute, and a Lecturer in the School of Education and the Arts at Central Queensland University.

Her research seeks to understand and support modern military families by focusing on the impacts of military service on individuals, families, communities and broader society. Amy is a lived experience expert as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy (Reserve) and the partner of an Australian Defence Force (ADF) veteran.

Her research projects to date include the HomeFront Stories project, which helps ADF partners find community and belonging through creative arts, and the Early Childhood Defence Project, which develops research-based, free online resources for educators and parents to better support young children from Australian military families. Amy’s research has also revealed how social media is used by Defence partners as an effective tool for building and sustaining community, getting information and social support.

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