Partner Entrepreneur of the Year
Image of Hayley Boswell

Hayley Boswell created Defence Kidz because she noticed a gap in the market where Australian Defence Force (ADF) and veteran children, including her own first child, needed additional resources to support their positive mental health, promote the connection between the family member and child, educate the children about the important work being undertaken by their family member and why their absence from the family at times was so important.

Hayley is not only the Founder of Defence Kidz, but also a mum of two young children, the principal solicitor at her law firm and a board member on the South Australian Veterans’ Advisory Council. Hayley is very passionate about advocating for ADF and veteran children and as such, sees this role as a privilege, not a job.   

Defence Kidz advocates for ADF and veteran children while creating essential resources for them to ensure they feel supported and empowered. Defence Kidz is the only Australian business that specialises in advocating specifically for ADF and veteran children. 

In addition to creating resources for defence and veteran families, Hayley also advocates for positive change in our defence and veteran communities. 

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