Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Medium

HENSOLDT Australia is a technical solutions provider and engineering organisation specialising in the provision of products and services for Defence, Clean Energy, Commercial Marine and Space. It was established by two veterans; one from the Royal Australian Navy and the other from the South African Air Force. The company provides solutions, products and sustainment services to the Australian Defence Force as well as other civil, military and paramilitary organisations around the world. HENSOLDT is committed to, and recognises, the value of employing veterans, demonstrated through the employment of 23 veterans in 34 of their positions. With the company’s strong support of diversity and inclusion, and coming with a broad cross-section of ADF experience, their veteran employees range in age from 25 to 61.

HENSOLDT continues to have steady business growth, generating new employment opportunities for veterans. Their main approach to veteran recruitment is to identify new employees through networking and word of mouth – veterans recruiting veterans. 

“Our veterans’ network is a powerful recruiting tool and we actively pursue future employees via this channel. For our company, work-life balance, culture and team bonding are critical for success. This approach assures that we find people who are the right fit for an enjoyable workplace. Veterans are typically a great fit. Over 60% of our veteran workforce have been recruited through our veteran networks,” stated Jon Wachman the Managing Director of HENSOLDT Australia and a veteran himself.

HENSOLDT cultivates a strong workplace culture with an emphasis on job security, mentoring and camaraderie. They pursue projects to ensure long-term roles, technical challenge and career progression. Whilst they have a focus on retention, they also support their veteran employee career moves outside of HENSOLDT, as departing team members often create new opportunities for the business. HENSOLDT is very proud to support the employment of veterans.

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