Employer of the Year – Medium
Micham team photo

Mincham’s primary focus is to develop, produce and service advanced light-weight solutions for the Defence, aerospace and high-tech industries. The company has broad capabilities, as well as a flexible and agile approach to solutions for their customer base whilst maintaining the world’s highest standards in everything they undertake.

In fulfilling their business goals, Mincham has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the recruitment and employment of veterans and partners of serving or former serving ADF members. The company's founder, Darryl Mincham, has been a passionate advocate for veteran employment and care for over 25 years, actively seeking out opportunities for veterans to be funnelled through veteran support groups and into employment. Mincham has paved the way  by employing 20-25% of its workforce through this mechanism, ensuring the initiative is supported by sound company policy and a culture of care and understanding.
The company's policies and established business practices have been designed to ensure that veterans are supported and valued members of the Mincham team. Its veterans’ policy goals are simple: to improve the wellbeing of veterans and their families by giving understanding and support to assist them in overcoming any physical, psychological, and social harm they may be experiencing.  

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