Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year

After service with the Australian Army as a Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) Medic, Jeremy became an Intensive Care Paramedic with NSW Ambulance while continuing to serve as a Defence Reservist. Reflecting on his military experience treating trauma in a pre-hospital setting, it was clear that most first responders and other personnel operating in remote, complex and often grim environments were not trained or equipped to treat the seriously injured effectively with the necessary skills and urgency. Jeremy started TacMed Australia from a spare bedroom in 2010 to help meet this need.

From this modest beginning Jeremy’s vision, passion and energy have created an innovative and rapidly growing tactical medical supply and training company that provides veteran and other members of our workforce with challenging and interesting careers, and the opportunity to deploy their specialist skills for the benefit of the wider community. TacMed provides emergency medical equipment and specialist first aid training across Australia and internationally.

At the heart of its culture, TacMed is a veteran owned and operated business and 50 per cent of the TacMed team are veterans. Some of our team have differing needs and challenges as a result of their service and are provided with whatever support is practically and personally possible. A number of the TacMed team remain active reservists and are supported in this by TacMed’s Reserve Leave Policy and other flexible arrangements.

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