Veteran Employee of the Year

As the General Manager of Dental, Lisa Conway leads Healius’ Dental business with 61 dental centres nationally and with over 500 dentists and employees. Lisa joined Healius to support the CEO in re-shaping the business by implementing new innovations and improving performance and culture.

Lisa was instrumental in developing a new and sustainable business model for the future. She built relationships based on trust, open communication, transparency and honesty, which created a shared vision across the country and resulted in record clinician engagement with the company. Lisa draws on the values and core skills that are the foundation of an ADF career.

Putting herself in other people’s shoes is intuitive to Lisa and she’s known for her ability to drive a mateship culture by operating with high emotional intelligence and diversity of thought. Working tirelessly to connect her national team, she’s changed the language of the team, encouraged the embracing of differences and created a culture and movement united in values, purpose and vision.

Lisa’s most notable achievements include leading the roll out of a flexible payment solution (Afterpay) nationally in a five-month long project with 30+ stakeholders to manage. Through this disciplined approach, strong processes and open communication, Primary Dental became the first dental organisation in Australia to offer this solution. Lisa was also core to the implementation of SwiftQ Dental, a fixed service model of care making dentistry affordable to more Australians.

Lisa is passionate about dentistry and the opportunity her team has to make a real difference to people’s lives. She and her team strive every day to bring affordable, quality and accessible dental care to Australians around the country.


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