Veteran Employee of the Year


Nick has been a manager as GSA Management Consulting since late 2020.

After serving in ADF for 10 years, Nick worked in a range of roles across government and the private sector, using each role to expand his understanding of leadership and how it can be applied in the workforce.

In his current role, the skills he developed during his service, including his capabilities in military planning, have gone on to directly benefit his organisation. Through his work he has shown consistent focus and interest in new and innovative business methods and has developed a reputation for calm persistence when working on projects.

His willingness to go above and beyond in his role is demonstrated by his leadership of GSA’s cultural advisory team – a role he volunteered for.

Nick uses his own experience transitioning to provide mentorship to other veteran employees. He has also created employment programs for those facing challenges in the workplace, including Indigenous Australians, women in the mining sector, and veterans.

Nick’s supervisor has said that Nick “sets a fine example as a veteran who has re-invented himself and transitioned very successfully to a new career in Management Consulting. He is a leader and mentor, and through his work advances how veteran employment is viewed across my organisation and others.”

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