Excellence in Supporting Veteran and/or Partner Employment
NSW Veterans' Employment Program staff pictured at an event booth

The NSW Government Veterans Employment Program (NSW Government VEP) has seen 2722 veterans employed into new roles since its launch in 2016.

In 2018, the program was extended with a target of 1,000 veterans to be employed by 2023. Having employed 1,626 veterans into new roles during that period, NSW Government VEP has been extended for a further four years with a new target to employ 2,000 veterans by December 2026. As at 31 March 2023, NSW Government VEP had placed 265 veterans employed in new roles surpassing its incremental target of 250 veterans employed in new roles every six months.

NSW Government VEP has developed many useful tools and learning opportunities, including a workshop and video, ‘How to apply for roles against NSW Public Sector Capability Framework’. The video was so well received by the NSW Public Service Commission that they adapted the NSW Government VEP video to assist the broader NSW public to apply for roles. This program continues to be instrumental in helping veterans enjoy a smoother transition from military service to civilian life and means the NSW Government gains the exceptional skills, knowledge and experience of former Defence personnel.

The Veteran Skills program, covering courses offered by approximately 360 Registered Training Organisations, was launched on 31 May 2021 to provide veterans and their recognised partner with access to fee-free or heavily subsidised training under the NSW Job Trainer program. To date, just over $1.2 million has been committed.

NSW Government VEP continues to work closely with 12 NSW local government councils and the NSW Office of Local Government and to grow awareness of the Local Government Rank-to-Grade Guide and transferable skills of veterans.


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