Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year
Phil Cutts, Coras

Phil spent 14 years in the Navy as an Electronics Technician, before leaving to start Lindberg Consulting, a small company providing services to Defence.  Using his service experience, Phil was able to win subcontracts through major companies such as Jacobs, Aurecon and BECA. After 5 years subcontracting, he was missing the comradery and team environment he enjoyed in the Defence Force; he was looking to make a change.  Phil’s subcontracting experience shaped the creation of a professional consultancy where people are the centre of the business, and people are prioritised over profits. This concept resulted in the founding of Coras, a professional consultancy where they do things a little differently.

“Although sub-contracting resources into Defence projects can be low-risk and profitable, there is limited opportunity to grow your knowledge and learn from others. Coras believes that long term investment in full-time employees will result in a stronger Defence Industry in the long term” Phil Cutts.

Phil was so committed to the people focus that he developed an employee equity model where 10% of the company’s shares will be gifted to employees by 2025. This provides profit sharing, shared ownership and ultimate reward for people that join our team. At the heart of its culture, Coras is a veteran owned and operated business with almost 50% veteran representation and a true desire to improve the effectiveness of the Australian Defence Force.  With the team size doubling during COVID-19 to almost 50 employees, Coras’ service offering is clearly resonating with clients.

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