Leadership in Recruitment of Veterans

As a major supplier to the Australia Defence Force (ADF), Raytheon recognises the talents and experience that former ADF members can offer prospective private sector employers. Over the last decade we have encouraged the transition of ex-service personnel who now make up more than 35% of our workforce.

Raytheon has high levels of veterans’ employed in the organisation. These employees have strong networks of both serving and ex-defence members. They are encouraged and supported to help other veterans to find meaningful employment either in Raytheon, other defence companies or elsewhere in the private sector.

To address the difficulty of translating military experience into civilian language, Raytheon launched Australia’s first Veteran Career Translator this year. Raytheon has also used networking events, committee meetings, roundtables, public relations campaigns and events to promote, share and adapt recruitment strategies across the defence industry and more broadly.

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