Employer of the Year – Medium
Real Response, group photo

Real Response is an Australian training company with a global footprint. Founded with a mission to ‘empower people with vital skills to navigate critical situations’, Real Response meets this mission through the use of simulation -  both live and synthetic.

Supporting veterans and their partners in the workplace is a crucial aspect of recognising their valuable contributions and aiding their successful transition into civilian careers. Over the past 12 months, Real Response has demonstrated excellence in this area through a range of initiatives and programs to support the management and development of veterans and partners, highlighting specific programs implemented, collaboration efforts, employment programs, talent development initiatives, and mentorship opportunities. 

Real Response has worked collaboratively with veterans and partners on all of their employment programs, ensuring their insights and experiences are used to shape the structure, policies and support mechanisms offered. 
Real Response is committed to identifying, fostering and developing the talent of veterans and partners through a Leadership Development Program and a Skills Recognition and Career Pathway.

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