Partner Entrepreneur of the Year
Picture of Rebecca Rayner

Rebecca Rayner has worked in media/multimedia and communications fields for over 20 years. She has been a journalist, media advisor, social media manager and now business owner for 10 years, building two successful niche businesses from the ground up.

Her current focus and passion is improving connection, support and services for the defence and veteran partner and family community through storytelling, resources, innovation and advocacy.

As a defence partner, Rebecca experienced first-hand the challenges that come with maintaining a meaningful and fulfilling career while supporting her partner’s Australian Defence Force service.

Rebecca leveraged her professional experience, natural entrepreneurial spirit and the many useful skills and attributes defence life taught her, such as adaptability and a strong sense of resilience, to identify a lack of resources and support for defence and veteran partners and families. She identified the specific pain points within the defence and veteran community and worked hard to create her business Military Life to successfully fill that gap. Military Life is an organisation dedicated to working collaboratively to promote, support and improve the well-being of the defence and veteran community.

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