Veteran Employee of the Year
Image of Rodney Davis

After 20 years of service, Rodney separated from the ADF in 2019 and began working for Sonder where he is currently the organisation’s Head of Government and Education.

His defence experience has contributed to the success of Sonder, joining the organisation right before COVID hit where he was required to come up with innovative business practices to support the company.

Through his time at Sonder, Rodney has rapidly developed new skills across technology, corporate leadership and business acumen, and has learnt how to adapt his military leadership style to the civilian workforce with great success.

He has led Sonder to delivering a new form of holistic 24/7 care to a number of highly marginalised communities including those dealing with family and domestic violence, youth at risk of homelessness, and culturally diverse groups struggling to deal with isolation during COVID-19 lockdowns. Rodney also built a bespoke program for NSW Health to support NSW residents during the pandemic.

Rodney is a champion for the employability of veterans in his role, and recognises that so many veterans out there are ready to work, and if they are empowered, valued and respected by their employer they will not only succeed but provide great value to an organisation.

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