Excellence in Supporting Veterans’ Employment

Soldier On is a national charity that supports veterans and their families through the dedicated Employment and Education Transition Program, assisting veterans to gain meaningful postservice employment through tailored support and links to a range of corporate organisations and educational opportunities.

In 2018 Soldier On supported 1,329 participants, with 110 of those securing employment and many more currently being placed. Opportunities for education and employment are identified through translation of the veteran’s skills, gained in military service and applying those to the civilian job market. Participants are assisted with resume writing, navigating the job market and support through application and interview processes.

The Soldier On Employment Pledge allows companies to identify as veteran friendly workplaces and seek assistance to develop HR policies that meet the needs of veterans and their families. Currently 121 companies have signed, yielding some 3,600 employment opportunities. Soldier On has a positive and unique relationship with these companies and has co-designed internship programs and mentoring and coaching opportunities, benefiting both Solider On participants and company staff members.

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