Partner Employee of the Year
Head shot of Tamara

Tamara is the co-owner and general manager of Axon Property Group, which specialises in educating current and former serving defence personnel of their housing entitlements and helps them enter and access the property market.

Her partner served in the Army for 23 years, and she credits the organisational, stamina and resilience skills she has gained as an ADF partner as being pivotal to her current success.

Over 60% of those employed by Axon Property Group are veterans or veteran partners, and Tamara uses her lived experience to support them while also educating their non-defence staff about some of the additional challenges their defence colleagues face.

She also uses her knowledge of the defence community to overcome communication challenges and has implemented new ways of connecting with clients including via live video on Facebook and YouTube.

Tamara encourages other defence partners to not underestimate their skills, such as organisation and being able to go with the flow – these are attributes that are highlight regarded by the workforce.

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