Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Medium
Veteran Mentor Staff

Veteran Mentors is a veteran owned and operated business, delivering structured military inspired - holistic programs for Australian youth and families. The programs are facilitated by veterans whose military background and operational experience make them key to the organisations success. As such 95% of their workforce are veterans.

Veteran Mentors’ Junior Leader Programs (JLP) are designed to assist 12-17 year old children to become accountable for both their behaviours and decisions. These programs are ideal for children addicted to technology or who are demonstrating poor behaviours, lack of respect, low self-esteem and also children with depression anxiety issues.

Veteran Mentors’ Parent Workshops (PW) are designed to assist the parents of the participants to provide them with extra tools and strategies to help them and their young person navigate the teenage years.

Veteran Mentors’ Reconnection Expedition combines all the lessons learnt from the JLP and the PW by bringing the parent and the child together for a weekend expedition. The parents and child are disconnecting from the stress of day to day life and reconnecting with nature and each other under the guidance of the Veteran Mentors.

This veteran owned business demonstrates an environment where the veterans thrive and the community benefits. This is done by providing an environment that provides the veterans with purpose, identity and also a strong sense of community, something that we have found all veterans struggle with post service.

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