Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Small
Viden Consulting

Viden Consulting is a 100 percent veteran staffed and veteran owned consultancy service business, that provides critical support to Defence and the broader national security sector. Specialising in project management, integrated logistics, test & evaluation and cyber security services, Viden has actively sought out veterans for the unique experiences, world class training and dynamic thinking they bring to high performing project teams.

As a testament to their dedication to the veteran community, Viden has sought to implement a broad range of deliberate initiatives to support veterans, veteran spouses and transitioning veterans. These small but cumulative initiatives have included On-The-Job (OTJ) training placements and accreditation/certification guides for service personnel thinking about transitioning, through to commemorative and reserve service leave, automatic pay reviews, reserve service top up pay and professional development allowances for recently transitioned veterans.

“Veterans are proud, motivated, innovative, honest, hardworking and humble team players. They are precisely what every HR firm Australia should be feverishly fighting for” – Anthony Barnes – CEO, Viden Consulting

Through such initiatives, Viden has sought to provide veterans with a welcoming and supportive workplace, reflective of the Defence culture and values they were so fond of. In return, veterans have provided Viden with a highly agile, motivated and incredibly experienced workforce, that has been central to the company’s success.

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