Excellence in Supporting Veterans’ Employment

Working Spirit is a registered charity who supports and facilitates employment placements for veterans. They provide veterans access to veteran specific training, mentoring and coaching. They also provide access to facilitated networking events to connect veterans to business representatives and potential employers.

They have recently implemented the delivery of resilience training to veterans and a Women’s Veteran Employment Network, which focuses on assisting female veterans into employment pathways, networking and work experience opportunities.

They work with homeless veterans, providing them with mentoring services and resilience training.

Since 2016 they have placed over 180 veterans in employment, 50 whom are still employed in their original role. A great effort for a small organisation with one full timer and four volunteers.

Some comments from veterans about Working Spirit and its founder Karyn Hinder.

“One of the things that Karyn did that was absolutely fantastic within that was she had people come in and explain LinkedIn to you. People come in and explain what they're looking for in resumes for you, even down to one gentleman that comes in and tells you how to dress for an interview… just that assistance in being able to get that stuff together.”

“Karyn spoke to me fairly regularly, I went along to the summit and she was actually really helpful. I told her sort of where I wanted to go and she got me in contact with the right people.”

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