Excellence in Supporting Spouse Employment

Wounded Heroes assists ADF members, veterans and families suffering from financial stress and the risk or impact of self-harm, homelessness, ill-health, unemployment or social exclusion. In 2018 it launched the Jobs4Heroes training and employment program utilising funds provided by the Queensland State Government to assist veterans and their spouses into work; as well as homeless veterans, or those at risk of homelessness, including their spouses.

Jobs4Heroes delivers solutions for veterans and families experiencing barriers to employment. This includes spouses and partners on posting or returning to work, and for veterans and family members when the veteran is not readily employable due to wounds, injury or illness. Assistance can be provided during or after a veteran’s service.

Wounded Heroes is a small and agile volunteer community service organisation, resourced by donations from the public, profits from social enterprise and competitive local and state government grants. Over the past 13 years, it serves the most disadvantaged of veterans and their families and is guided by a core value emphasising that no person reaching out for support will ever be turned away. The dignity and life-changing impact of gainful employment makes Jobs4Heroes a worthy service to the veteran community.

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