Work is underway to improve the evidence base around Australian veteran employment to inform policy and design support for veteran employment into the future.  This includes:

  • the establishment of a veteran indicator in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations's New Employment Service Model, to understand, through de-identified data, the mainstream employment pathways and outcomes of veterans, and
  • increased data analysis to map benchmarks and establish sustainable reporting to measure and inform current and future initiatives under the Program.

The Program also collaborates on other Australian Government initiatives:

  • The Australian Public Service Commission website includes specific information for veterans seeking employment in the APS. An application that aligns ADF ranks to APS classifications and a toolkit that provides information to veterans about working in the APS are also available.
  • The Australian Government’s Workforce Australia website includes an information page for veterans and an optional ‘Defence Force Experience Desirable’ flag that can be used by employers. More information is here.
  • Jobseekers completing an employment profile in Workforce Australia may be invited to compete a survey to provide information regarding their ADF service (see ‘Building the Evidence’ on this page).
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