The Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Program demonstrates the importance the Government places on raising awareness with employers, both private and public sector, of the value and unique experience of our veterans.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) invests heavily in its servicemen and women, and they have a broad range of skills and experience. Their skill-sets, including proven leadership and problem solving skills, are in strong demand and transfer readily to civilian employment.

Australian organisations of all sizes, and across all industries, have an opportunity to employ these skilled and capable individuals when they separate from the ADF. Making organisations more aware of the value that veterans bring, will increase employment opportunities for veterans.

On 17 November 2016 the Government announced six initiatives under the Program.

Industry Advisory Committee on Veterans’ Employment

An Industry Advisory Committee on Veterans’ Employment has been established to develop and provide advice on practical measures to embed veterans’ employment strategies into the recruitment practices of Australian organisations. The Committee will play a role in the broader promotion of the skills and professional attributes that veterans have to offer Australian organisations.

The Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Annual Awards

The Annual Awards will recognise achievements in the creation of employment opportunities for veterans.

Ex-service Organisation Industry Partnership Register

Ex-service organisations promote the employment of veterans.

An initiatives announced under the Program was the creation of a register to facilitate connections between businesses and ex-service organisations. However, since the announcement in 2016 a similar facility has been made available through the Department of Defence’s Engage portal.

The Department of Defence’s Engage website is an online portal where users can search for free services and support for current and former ADF members, their families and others involved in their support.

Businesses interested in partnering with ex-service organisations to promote veterans employment initiatives can search the portal to identify interested registered ex-service organisations.

Department of Defence and Department of Veterans’ Affairs initiatives

The Departments of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs continue to improve the transition process for separating members of the ADF.

Separating members of the ADF receive separation documentation, including training records. They also receive an individual transition plan and tailored transition coaching services. Surveys of former ADF personnel post-separation have been reinstated to assess the effectiveness of ADF transition programs and inform future initiatives, and work will continue on aligning military qualifications with civilian qualifications.

Australian Public Service (APS) initiatives

The APSjobs website includes specific information for veterans seeking employment in the APS. An application that aligns ADF ranks to APS classifications and a toolkit that provides information to veterans about working in the APS are also available.

Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business initiatives

The Australian Government’s jobactive website now includes an information page for veterans and an optional ‘defence force experience desirable’ flag that can be used by employers to advertise job vacancies on the website. This enables veterans seeking a job to search for the most suitable vacancies and allows them to apply directly to the employer.

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business will also develop a stronger partnership with the Department of Defence to enhance the Career Transition Assistance Scheme for separating ADF members, including the provision of employment planning advice and labour market information.

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