Open to private or public sector organisations with more than 200 employees.

For the purpose of the Awards terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

Private Sector Organisation is a business that is:

  • registered in Australia

  • has been operating in Australia for at least 12 months on the closing date of nominations, and

  • has an Australian Business Number that has been active for at least 12 months on the closing date of nominations.

Public Sector Organisation includes:

  • organisations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission; or

  • state/territory and Commonwealth agencies, statutory and local government authorities; or

  • Higher education institutions recognised under the Higher Education Support Act 2003.


Nomination Criteria

1. Demonstrated commitment to recruitment and employment of veterans and/or partners of serving or former serving ADF members as evidenced by policies and established business practices.

These are intended as a guide only.

Nominations will be strengthened by providing examples such as:

  • commitment to recruit and employ veterans and/or partners, and possibly a target number or proportion of employees, as evidenced by public statements/actions
  • staff undertaking recruitment and HR duties have knowledge and an understanding of the ADF, how ADF training translates to the civilian workforce, and issues affecting veterans and/or partners
  • job vacancies promoted to veterans by demonstrating how skills typically acquired in the ADF align with those required for the job
  • number of veterans and/or partners working in the organisation relative to the total number of employees
  • flexibility for veterans and/or partners to take leave for ADF-related events
  • flexibility for staff to undertake Australian Defence Force Reserves duties and/or policies in place to support Reserves duties
  • activity or training undertaken with staff with limited or no experience with the military lifestyle to increase understanding of the ADF and issues affecting veterans and partners
  • promotion of the recruitment of veterans and/or partners in the workplace through networks and by working with industry colleagues.

2. Demonstrated excellence in supporting veterans and or/partners of serving or former serving ADF members in the workplace.

These are intended as a guide only.

Examples could include:

  • identification of actions to support the management and development of veteran and/or partners, with a focus on specific initiatives or programs implemented over the last 12 months
  • internships or work placements/trials for veterans and partners
  • collaboration with ADF support or Defence-related organisations (public, private or not-for-profit) to identify and support potential employees from the veteran community
  • employment programs that consider the needs of and/or have been co-designed with veterans and/or partners
  • programs that identify, foster and/or develop veteran and partner talent, including opportunities to develop new skills/undertake different across the organisation
  • encouraging veterans and/or veteran partners to become mentors to new employees.
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