This category is open private sector organisations with more than 100 employees.


Nomination Criteria

1. Demonstrated commitment to employing veterans as evidenced by policies or practices that support the recruitment of veterans.

Examples could include:

  • HR policies or recruitment strategies supporting the employment of veterans
  • number of veterans working in the organisation relative to total number of employees
  • HR manager or recruitment team with knowledge of the ADF
  • training for HR personnel on how ADF experience and skills translate to required job skills
  • internships or work placements/trials for veterans
  • flexibility for veterans to take leave for ADF related commemorative events
  • job vacancies promoted to veterans by demonstrating how skills typically acquired in the ADF align with those required for the job
  • working with industry colleagues to promote the recruitment of veterans in the workplace
  • use of Defence experience desirable/ADF friendly indicator or comparable notation in job advertisements.

2. Demonstrated excellence in the management and retention of veterans through innovative training programs, ongoing mentoring and engagement programs.

Examples could include:

  • training or mentoring programs that consider the needs of and/or have been co-designed with veterans
  • programs that identify, foster and/or develop veteran talent
  • opportunities provided to veterans to perform different roles across the organisation
  • enabling veterans to become mentors to new veteran employees.


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