Public Sector Excellence in Supporting Veteran Employment

The Victorian Government launched The Public Sector Veteran Employment Strategy (PSVES) in June 2017, along with a target to employ 250 new veterans in the Victorian public sector. In March 2019, the Government announced that the original target would be tripled to 750 new veterans in the workforce by June 2021. Over 500 veterans have been employed since the Strategy was launched.

As part of the PSVES, a range of online resources have been developed for veterans to help them understand the various employment opportunities available in the public sector, how to find vacancies and apply for roles and to help them translate their military experience into relevant experience for the public sector. Several case studies of veterans who have successfully transitioned into careers in the public sector are included on the website. A Veteran Employment Advocate, Major General David McLachlan has been appointed to promote the skills and qualities veterans bring to the public sector workforce.

Through the website, over 380 veterans have registered for the PSVES programs and information. Bulk recruitment opportunities relevant to veterans’ skill-sets are circulated to this group, including roles in cyber security, justice, project firefighters and forestry roles. This group also receives the veteran employment newsletter providing updates on the Government’s veteran employment program.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet hosts one-day veteran employment workshops for veterans interested in working in the public sector. The first workshop was attended by 32 veterans, with around 70 veterans attending the subsequent workshop. The workshop responds to some barriers to employment and provides networking and mentoring opportunities.

A network of veterans employed in the public sector has been formed to support the many veterans working in the public sector and to mentor other veterans seeking employment opportunities.

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