Each year, around 6,000 Australians leave the Australian Defence Force.

ADF members leaving the military have an extensive range of skills, experience and qualifications that make them valuable members of the civilian workforce. 

Organisations who have employed veterans are reaping significant benefits from these highly trained, organised, resilient leaders. Consider veteran candidates when looking to hire new recruits. 

About the Program

Prime Minister's National Veterans' Employment Awards

The winners of the 2023 Awards have been announced.

The Awards recognise organisations that employ and support veterans, and partners of current and former serving Australian Defence Force personnel, as well as celebrating veterans and partners who are doing great things as an employee or entrepreneur.  

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Those who serve in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) receive world-class training, equipping them with skills that are highly sought after in the civilian workforce. Our veterans receive word class training in the ADF, equipping them with expert leadership and problem-solving skills that are easily transferable and highly desirable within the civilian workforce.


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Service in the ADF equips individuals with skills, abilities, work ethic and highly valuable attributes for the civilian workforce. There is information and numerous programs available to guide you in establishing your post-service career.