Open to public and private sector organisations, of any size (including individuals/sole traders).

For the purpose of the Awards terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

Private Sector Organisation is a business that is:

  • registered in Australia
  • has been operating in Australia for at least 12 months on the closing date of nominations, and
  • has an Australian Business Number that has been active for at least 12 months on the closing date of nominations.

Public Sector Organisation includes:

  • organisations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission; or
  • state/territory and Commonwealth agencies, statutory and local government authorities; or
  • Higher education institutions recognised under the Higher Education Support Act 2003.


 Nomination Criteria

1. Demonstrated excellence in supporting veteran and/or partner of serving or former serving ADF member employment with a focus on any new initiatives over the last 12 months.

These are intended as a guide only.

Nominations will be strengthened by providing examples such as:

  • identification of actions to support veteran and/or partner employment, with a focus on specific initiatives or program improvements implemented over the last 12 months to support veteran and/or partners to gain employment, personally and professionally develop to support their career and/or retain their employment
  • advocacy and awareness raising of the issues faced by veterans and partners in relation to employment, with promotion of strategies to positively address these
  • programs that support an understanding of the ADF experience for civilians/individuals without links to Defence, to enable an understanding of how ADF experience and skills translate into the civilian workplace, and/or how military lifestyle develops skills that can be applied in the workplace
  • establishment of individual and/or group training programs to assist veterans in becoming job-ready and in understanding the typical civilian workplace environment, including processes, structures, reporting lines etc
  • establishment of individual and/or group training programs or support networks to assist partners to gain employment or re-locate employment
  • resources to assist veterans and/or partners to understand the ADF service and lifestyle skills and attributes they can translate to the workplace
  • veteran community-specific resources or training programs for employers/organisations to assist them in the recruitment, on-boarding and support of veterans and/or partners
  • number of veterans and/or partners assisted into employment over the last 12 months, the percentage of those still working and average length of employment since commencement
  • establishment of employer networks to identify/source employment opportunities, internships and or work placements for the veteran community
  • promoting the benefits of employing veterans and/or partners
  • veteran community feedback used to shape services and support
  • provision of training and support to veterans and/or partners
  • partnership with ADF support organisations to inform the support and services provided to veterans and/or partners

2. Evidence of veteran (and/or partner of serving or former serving ADF member) satisfaction with support/services.

These are intended as a guide only.

Evidence could include:

  • copies/excerpts of feedback from veterans and/or partners, relating to their job placement(s), alignment of employment opportunities with their individual skills, aspirations and interests, and overall services and support provided to them
  • number of new veteran/partner clients resulting from recommendations from other satisfied veterans and/or partners
  • nomination for or receipt of a commendation, recognition or award in recognition of services provided to veterans and/or partners.


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