J3Seven delivers chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive and exploitation testing, protection and defence equipment along with training and maintenance services to Defence. Proudly veteran owned and operated, veterans make up 76% of the J3Seven workforce. With an outstanding retention rate of their veteran employees, J3Seven’s culture is a testament to the positive, supportive and purposeful environment they have created in their organisation. J3Seven pride themselves on giving veterans a solid purpose in life post transition.

CEO Gareth Molner, a Special Forces veteran himself, is very mindful of recruiting people with a Defence ethos - a high moral compass, strong work ethic and willingness to serve our country. "The same team camaraderie you would find in a Special Forces squad on the battle field is present amongst the J3Seven team. Personnel do whatever they can for one another not only at work, but outside of work".

J3Seven demonstrates this camaraderie through their support of the veteran created, Forge Through program. The program is designed for current and past veterans and first responders, who may be struggling with mental health issues. The program offers them a chance to unplug from the world for a couple of days and learn about the ancient art of knife forging.

As a veteran, Gareth's sole aim is to provide employment opportunities for veterans that give not only vital income to support their families, but provides an environment of understanding, shared values and shared purpose to continue to serve their country, albeit in a civilian context.

Gareth has also been a driving force behind Defence Far North Queensland (DEFNQ), an industry led advocacy group, educating government, economic development organisations and the North Queensland industry sector, on the benefits of ensuring a robust Defence presence is maintained in the region.

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