Linda joined the Army in 2006 and had a successful and satisfying career in logistics. During this time she developed skills in multitasking, prioritisation, time and people management. Linda viewed these skills as everyday tasks. She didn’t realise she was building a valuable professional portfolio that would set her up for success in her civilian career.

Family priorities meant when Linda was due for a posting, she made the decision to stay in Melbourne. This meant she had to leave the Army. Linda took her long service leave over seven months to take a break. This gave her enough time to make the right decision about her next career move.


Linda knew she needed time to separate her identity as a soldier from that of a friend, mother and wife. Linda wanted to make sure she was in a strong mental state to deal with the challenges of this significant life change. When she was ready to re-enter the workforce, Linda’s resume wasn’t a true reflection of her skills and experience.


  • Linda took her long service leave over seven months so she had enough of a break to confidently move to the next step in her career.
  • Linda reached out to professional services for CV development and recruitment assistance.
  • Linda won a job at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics. This role matched her skills and experience from a decade in the Army. It perfectly suited the strengths she acquired in the Army.
  • If Linda could give advice to someone looking to leave the ADF, she would say, “Be prepared, be organised, make sure that you have all the information you need and take the time to shed the uniform and find the person you were before.”
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