History of Service

Matt joined the army in 2003 to undertake his apprenticeship as a heavy vehicle mechanic. Matt had multiple Army postings, and deployments to Timor and Afghanistan. Matt’s last posting with the Army was a teaching position at the mechanic school in Victoria. During Matt’s career, he gained transferable qualifications and skills. For example, Matt gained skills in training and development and fixing complex problems.

Matt’s family had settled in the Melbourne region and he was keen to spend more time with them. After 13 years’ service he decided it was time to leave the Army and settle in one location. Matt pursued job opportunities himself. He planned his transition exploring opportunities in his own network.


Matt left the Army with a qualification as a diesel mechanic. Matt knew his trade certificate was just one part of the skills and experience gained during service, and that he could use these to move beyond his Army role of a diesel mechanic. Matt was keen to find an employer that understood and valued his unique experience and could see how he could significantly benefit the workplace.


  • Matt discovered a job that might suit him through a Facebook advertisement. He reached out to his network for advice and references.
  • Matt found a job at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL). They understood the true value of the skills he brought to the team from his time in the Army. He also found a community of supportive veterans at WWL that made the transition easier.
  • At WWL Matt has excelled managing a technical team. Seeing his potential, WWL has moved Matt to a strategic role. One that will grow business opportunities with their clients.
  • If Matt could give advice to anyone seeking to transition from the defence force. He would say to plan ahead. Leverage any networks you have, both personal and professional.
  • Matt also encourages transitioning veterans to consider the culture of any new workplace, to make sure it is a good fit for your next step.
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