Carly joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 2001. She trained as a supply clerk and enjoyed a six-year career. Carly's husband also served in the RAAF. However, with two small children they decided that Carly needed a more flexible working environment.

Carly joined the Air Force Reserves providing her with the ability to continue her career in supply while enjoying the flexibility she needed for family.

When Carly’s husband left the RAAF they decided to settle in Newcastle. Carly began to look for a job that could provide her with opportunities and benefits as well as a stable working environment.


Carly enjoyed her Defence Force career, but when she started her family, job flexibility became a priority. Joining the Reserves provided the flexibility she needed in the career she loved.

When Carly’s husband left the RAAF she was ready to focus on finding a career in the civilian workforce. Carly wanted a job that was both meaningful and supportive of her family priorities.


  • Carly felt ready to leave her Reserve career to pursue greater stability and benefits in a civilian workforce.
  • Carly heard about a job at Boeing Defence Australia through her personal networks.
  • Carly successfully won the position at Boeing. She maintained her role in the Reserves as a precaution in case the job at Boeing wasn’t the right fit for her.
  • Carly has found a new career at Boeing that utilises the skills and experience gained in her regular and reservist career. She has also found a workplace that aligns with her values. She enjoys working in a defence environment with many other ex-military colleagues.
  • The changes Carly would like to see in the veteran transition space, would be greater communication of the transition services available to military personnel.
  • Carly’s advice to anyone looking to leave the Defence Force for a civilian career, is to take the time to get as much information as you can. “There are many people out there who are willing to help, but it’s also about knowing who to go to.”
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