Jason joined the Army in 2015 to gain his qualification as a vehicle mechanic. He progressed through the ranks to then train a new generation of Army vehicle mechanics. Jason gained a wealth of experience from his overseas deployments and leadership roles. Jason learnt to navigate complex issues and manage a large team to deliver great results.

After 12 years in the Army, life circumstances changed for Jason. He and his partner planned to start a family and wanted to do that without moving every posting cycle. Jason decided to begin his transition out of the Army with a six-month exit plan. Using his professional networks, he won his first civilian job in the training sector.


With the time pressure of the arrival of his first child, Jason was highly motivated to make a change. Jason reached out and offered his expertise within his own professional circles. Jason made several career choices, moving his young family closer to their support network in Victoria.

Jason also wanted a job that met his own desire to have a meaningful and fulfilling career.


  • After a couple of work places, Jason started a role at Logistic Solutions Australia. This job was close to his extended family and met his professional needs for a fulfilling career.
  • Jason’s work at Logistic Solutions Australia uses his diverse military qualifications and experiences. He translates civilian technical requirements into those needed by Defence. Jason also enjoys his stints working at Defence facilities.
  • Jason’s advice to anyone looking to move out of the Defence Force is: “Do not to be too hard on yourself. You may not find your next career on the first try. Do what you’ve got to do and keep persevering.”
  • As a family man, Jason would like to see the focus on Defence partners transitioning increase. The demands of Defence life are felt by the whole family. Jason thinks that by helping the whole family unit, you’re helping those who served.
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